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The Buckle Adds BKE Boutique!

The Buckle is excited to announced they now carry a new clothing line exclusive to them – BKE Boutique.

BKE Boutique is a collection of embellished fashion pieces designed with feminine glamour. Made to make a statement, it is crafted with premium fabrics and intricate detailing. BKE Boutique is youthful while still maintaining a certain level of sophistication.

About BKE Boutique:

 Feminine silhouettes showcased in romantic hues

 Delicate fabrications with refined detailing

 Dainty embellishments consisting of lace, beading, scalloped hem-lines

 Rich luxurious yarns incorporated in embroidery details

This collection is influenced by glamour and feminine beauty tailoring to the girl living the cosmopolitan lifestyle. Doing all things with style and class, she takes pride in her appearance, although still enjoying the simple luxuries in life – like fresh manicures, lattes and lipstick. Possessing a love for fashion, and never afraid of a little sparkle, she walks confidently in the direction of her dreams.

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